This section defines terms and concepts used in the scope of RadMediaPlayer, that you have to get familiar with prior to reading further. They can also be helpful when contacting our support service in order to describe your issue better.

  • Chapters - points in time that represent beginning of new topics

  • Title/Header- name of the movie

  • Toggle Playlist - button to control the playlist

  • Toggle FullScreen - button to toggle whether the control is in Full screen or not.

  • Toggle Play/Pause - button to start and pause the video

  • Volume- button to control the volume of the video

  • Timeline - text to notify for elapsed and remaining time

RadMediaPlayer is ItemsControl where each item is of type RadMediaItem - used to represent one item in the Playlist. RadMediaItem is also an ItemsControl where each item is RadMediaChapter - used to represent a point in time with some Content to more clearly describe the chapter. RadMediaItem also has Header and HeaderTemplate properties that specify how each item in the playlist will be rendered.

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