Smooth Streaming

RadMediatelerik allows you to play Smooth Streaming video. You have to provide implementaion of MediaStreamSource that can handle Smooth streaming. Here is an example that uses AdaptiveStreamingSource. To enable smooth streaming set IsStreamingSource to true and handle the StreamAttached event to provide some additional preparation.

<telerik:RadMediaPlayer x:Name="telerik"> 
    <telerik:RadMediaItem IsStreamingSource="True"  
                          Source=" Buck Bunny Adaptive.ism/Manifest" 
                          StreamAttached="RadMediaItem_StreamAttached" /> 

private void RadMediaItem_StreamAttached(object sender, EventArgs e) 
    var item = sender as RadMediaItem; 
    if (item != null) 
        var adaptiveSource = new AdaptiveStreamingSource(); 
        adaptiveSource.MediaElement = player.MediaElement; 
        adaptiveSource.ManifestUrl = item.Source; 
Private Sub RadMediaItem_StreamAttached(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) 
    Dim item = TryCast(sender, RadMediaItem) 
    If item IsNot Nothing Then 
        Dim adaptiveSource = New AdaptiveStreamingSource() 
        adaptiveSource.MediaElement = player.MediaElement 
        adaptiveSource.ManifestUrl = item.Source 
    End If 
End Sub 
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