Each RadMediaItem element can contain a number of chapters. A chapter is like a marker on the timeline of a movie, which can be used to jump to a specific moment in the movie. Each chapter has a Position and Content (RadMediaChapter derives from ContentControl) properties.

The Position property is of type TimeSpan and has to be defined like so:

  • "00:00:20" - jumps to the 20th sec. of the movie

  • "00:05:40" - jumps to the 5th min. and 40th sec. of the movie

The Content property is used to display some generic content when a certain chapter has been reached.

<telerik:RadMediaPlayer Width="600" Height="400" Margin="20"> 
            Header="The Dynamics Duo talk about CRM and Silverlight"> 
        <telerik:RadMediaChapter Position="00:05:00" Content="5 min. has elapsed" /> 
        <telerik:RadMediaChapter Position="00:10:00" Content="10 min. has elapsed" /> 
        <telerik:RadMediaChapter Position="00:15:00" Content="15 min. has elapsed" /> 
Moving the mouse over the timeline, causes a panel to open and show more information about the chapters. Can control the duration that the chapters panel will stays open by specifying the ChaptersStaysOpenInterval property. The chapters panel can be pinned by setting the IsChaptersPanelPinned property to true, so it will stays open while playing the video.Clicking on any of the chapters in the panel will cause the movie to jump to the specified position.
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