Tech Specs and Comparisons

Feature comparison of Telerik RadGridView and Microsoft DataGrid 
Feature Telerik RadGridView for Silverlight Microsoft DataGrid
Bind to Arrays collection OK OK
Bind to Lists collection OK OK
Bind to Observable collection OK OK
Property Paths OK OK
Row details OK OK
Master details form OK OK
Property Hierarchy OK ---
Custom Hierarchy OK ---
Self referance Hierarchy OK ---
Card view --- ---
Grouping in hierarchy OK ---
Grouping OK OK
Basic filtering (by one value) OK OK
Excel-like filtering OK OK
Extensible filtering UI OK ---
Custom filtering with two conditions OK ---
Defered scrolling with preview OK OK*
Scrolling on mouse wheel OK OK
Asynchronous data binding OK ---
Column starable column widths (* column width) OK OK
Column Groups OK ---
Field/Column chooser OK** ---
Persistence framework OK** ---
Server page sorting OK OK
Sort None OK OK***
Server page filtering OK OK
Built-in Filter row OK ---
Unbound columns support OK OK
Sort by columns OK OK
Sort by several columns OK OK
Sort Ascending/Descending OK OK
Printing capabilities OK** ---
Print preview --- ---
Export to Excel OK ---
Export to Word OK ---
Export to CSV OK ---
Grid footer row OK ---
Grid summary row with aggregates OK ---
Group summary row with aggregates OK ---
Group Footer row OK ---
Group row aggregates OK ---
Vertical virtualization OK OK
Horizontal virtualization OK OK
Horizontal Recycling Mode OK ---
Vertical Recycling Mode OK OK
Real-time scrolling OK OK
Physical scrolling OK OK
Paging OK OK
Column width mode - Auto OK OK
Frozen (Fixed) columns OK OK
Immediate Resizing column widths OK OK
UI automaion/QTP support OK OK
Number of themes 11 11
In-place editing and validation OK OK
Built-in data validation OK ---
Data Validation events for custom validation OK OK
Multiple row selection OK OK
Keyboard navigation with "Tab"/"Shift+Tab" OK OK
Keyboard navigation with Arrows OK OK
Built-in CheckBox column OK OK
Built-in TextBox column OK OK
Built-in Boolean column OK OK
Built-in Date column OK OK
Built-in Hyperlink column OK OK
Built-in Image column OK ---
Built-in MaskedTextBox column OK ---
Built-in ComboBox column OK OK
Data Formatting OK ---
Context menu OK** ---
Select multiple cells OK OK
Multiple column selection --- ---
  • MS Grid does not have preview

  • ** We have it as example

  • *** MS Grid can do it with code

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