Style Exported XLSX and PDF Documents

If you need to style the exported RadGridView differently from its default style when exporting using the ExportToXlsx & ExportToPdf methods, you can use the ElementExportingToDocument event and through the GridViewElementExportingToDocumentEventArgs set the VisualParameters property to a new instance of the CellSelectionStyle class.

The class provides the following useful properties:

  • CellBorders: Gets or sets the borders of the cells.
  • Fill: Gets or sets the fill of the cells.
  • FontFamily: Gets or sets the font family of the text of the cells.
  • FontSize: Gets or sets the font size of the text.
  • ForeColor: Gets or sets the foreground of the text of the cells.
  • Format: Gets or sets the format of the text.
  • HorizontalAlignment: Gets or sets the horizontal alignment.
  • Indent: Gets or sets the intent of the cells.
  • IsBold: Gets or sets the IsBold property of the cells.
  • IsItalic: Gets or sets the isItalic property of the cells.
  • IsLocked: Gets or sets the isLocked property of the cells.
  • IsWrapped: Gets or sets the IsWrapped property of the cells.
  • StyleName: Gets or sets the StyleName property of the cells.
  • Underline: Gets or sets the Underline of the text in the cells.
  • VerticalAlignment: Gets or sets the vertical alignment.

Example 1: Style exported XLSX/PDF document

private void ElementExportingToDocument(object sender, GridViewElementExportingToDocumentEventArgs e) 
    if (e.Element == ExportElement.HeaderRow) 
        (e.VisualParameters as GridViewDocumentVisualExportParameters).Style = new CellSelectionStyle() 
            FontSize = 20, 
            IsBold = true, 
            Fill = new PatternFill(PatternType.Solid, Colors.Blue, Colors.Blue), 
            ForeColor = new ThemableColor(Colors.White) 
    else if (e.Element == ExportElement.Row) 
        (e.VisualParameters as GridViewDocumentVisualExportParameters).Style = new CellSelectionStyle() 
            Fill = new PatternFill(PatternType.Solid, Colors.White, Colors.White), 
            ForeColor = new ThemableColor(Colors.Black) 
Private Sub ElementExportingToDocument(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As GridViewElementExportingToDocumentEventArgs) 
    If e.Element = ExportElement.HeaderRow Then 
        TryCast(e.VisualParameters, GridViewDocumentVisualExportParameters).Style = New CellSelectionStyle() With { 
            .FontSize = 20, 
            .IsBold = True, 
            .Fill = New PatternFill(PatternType.Solid, Colors.Blue, Colors.Blue), 
            .ForeColor = New ThemableColor(Colors.White) 
    ElseIf e.Element = ExportElement.Row Then 
        TryCast(e.VisualParameters, GridViewDocumentVisualExportParameters).Style = New CellSelectionStyle() With { 
            .Fill = New PatternFill(PatternType.Solid, Colors.White, Colors.White), 
            .ForeColor = New ThemableColor(Colors.Black) 
    End If 
End Sub 

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