RadGridView provides built-in methods for exporting its data to various formats. Underneath, the control utilizes the RadSpreadProcessing library for handling these operations.

Export to Xlsx

The control provides the ExportToXlsx method for exporting to Xlsx format out of the box. The functionality is illustrated in details here.

Export to Pdf

For the purpose of exporting to Pdf, RadGridView exposes the ExportToPdf method. More information can be found here.

Customizing the Export

There are two approaches that can be used for customizing the export operations. The first one would be to benefit from the ElementExportingToDocument event. Its event arguments provide a set of properties through which the exported data can be modified. A detailed information on this topic can be found in the Export Events article. However, the customization capabilities of this approach are limited.

The second approach consists of utilizing the RadSpreadProcessing library and exporting the data manually. Thus, heavier customizations such as adding or removing visual elements from the exported data can be applied. Such implementation is demonstrated in the RadGridView Integration example.

Obsolete methods

The following methods are not utilizing the RadSpreadProcessing library for exporting RadGridView and are obsolete. They are used when exporting to Html, Csv and ExcelML is needed.

  • Export
  • ExportAsync

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