This article describes the release history of the control.

Q1 2014

What's New

  • Support of nested RadDocking inside other RadDocking instances

What's Fixed

  • AutoHideArea is opening when pin/unpin another Pane

  • ActivePaneChanged event is triggered twice when closing Pane with index bigger than 1

  • Saving the layout of a Docking control which contains empty DocumentHost generates incorrect xml code

  • When Saving and Loading a layout which has empty DocumentHost, an ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown

  • Removing item from the PanesSource collection causes NullReferenceException

  • HorizontalAlignment is not working inside Header Template in Windows8 theme

  • Bindings with ElementName are not working in the DocumentHost

Q3 2013

What's New

  • Added "PaneActivationMode" property. Using the feature you are able to choose whitch RadPane will be focused after closing the active one

  • Make it possible to hide the drop cue of the PaneGroup tab strip when dragging Panes separately from the compass

What's Fixed

  • The FontSize of the ToolWindow's content is set incorrectly from the Header's FontSize.

  • Resizer is moved when dragging a tool window over it in Touch

  • ToolWindow is automatically pinned when moved

  • Exception is being thrown when you drop Pane on the Compass and immediately after the drop the mouse left button is clicked

  • If there is a BusyIndicator in one of the Panes that hasn't been activated the compasses are shown incorrectly

  • If you have an active RadPane and make another RadPane from the same group active, the Autohide popup collapses

  • CodedUI can't find RadPane's content with the default search criteria.

  • ToolWindow is automatically pinned when moved.

  • AutomationPeers: not able to locate the AutoHide area

  • When the control is shown inside a different Thread which ApartmentState i set to STA, when a floating Pane is floated out of the main Window an ArgumentNullException is thrown

  • DocumentHost PaneGroup menu items have icon column event when there is no icon.

  • Child Window is hidden behind its parent Window if the parent has RadDocking and WPF WebBrowser with pdf document in it.

  • AutomationPeers: Not able to locate items inside Dock after drag Panes

  • When add and remove Tab items with RadDocking in it, an error is thrown.

  • Docked PaneGroups does not have selected item if pane is made floating on MainWindow_OnLoaded event.

  • The RadPane located in a ToolWindow loses activation on a mouse Right Click Down

Q2 2013

What's New

  • Keyboard navigation improvements

What's Fixed

  • Right Click on Panes Content does not trigger ActivePaneChanged event

  • The theme is not applied on RadResizers when the StyleManager is used

  • When trying to reorder RadPanes that are placed inside another RadPane an exception is thrown

  • When object of MarshalByRefObject type is placed in the AutoHideArea its content is not clickable

  • Canceling PreviewShowCompass doesn't prevent the empty document host compass from showing

  • NullRefenrenceException if RadDocking's theme is defined at the same place where the control is used

  • Elements which don't belong to the RadDocking control can be dropped in it using DragDropManager

  • On the last Pane close the ActivePaneChanged event is not triggered, but the ActivePane is changed

  • Resizers are hidden behind RadPaneGroup if you have more RadPaneGroups inside RadSplitContainer of DocumentHost

  • When DragDropMode="Deferred" and there is some UI element in the RadPane's content the pane can be dragged by clicking on its content

  • Change AutoHideArea animations to start when the popup is loaded

  • Can drop in the middle of a pane group even if the compass is not shown (forbidden) in Windows8Touch theme

  • Drag causes NullReferenceException if a RadGridView is placed in nested RadPane/RadPaneGroups

  • When using Tab to navigate to the RadListBox it cycles through all items, instead of just the selected one

Q1 2013

What's New

  • Implement TabStripPlacement property

  • Allow the AutoHideArea events to be customizable

  • Dragging and dropping panes without being able to leave them floating. Check here for more details.

What's Fixed

  • Select the following pane after unpinning a pane

  • Change design of Compass to remove the little tab-like indicators in the center indicator; Indicators are too small to signify anything and do not look ok

  • After changing themes at runtime pinning a RadPane may display a tab, in spite it is the only pane into the RadPaneGroup

  • Exception is thrown when binding IsHidden property in floating pane

  • An exception is thrown when the IsHidden property of a RadPane is bound with FallbackValue="True"

  • Make ContextMenu of the RadPane to show only on right-click in the Header

  • The last pane in a PaneGroup stays alive even if it is removed from the parent

  • Elements in Pane are not accessible from Visual Studio Coded UI Test Builder

  • Disable expand of the RadPane on mouse hover

  • IsPinned property of the RadPane control throws an exception when bound

  • Memory leak of Docking control

  • An exception is thrown when the IsPinned property is bound with FallbackValue="False"

  • Docking panes issue in Silverlight 5 and OOB multiple windows

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