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This article describes the release history of the RadDiagram framework.

To see the fixes and features included in our latest official release please refer to our Release History .

Q1 2014

What's Fixed

  • Connectors' activation doesn't work correctly with collapsed items

  • When zooming, the ManipulationAdorner should not be scaled.

What's New

  • Add additional/optional boolean parameter in Layout/LayoutAsync methods to support AutoFit.

    Instead of adding a new boolean paramether, a new method was exposed - AutoFitAsync(). It is further described in the Pan And Zoom tutorial.

  • Extend the serialization/deserialization of custom RadDiagramConnectors

  • Extensibility points for MouseTools

    You can examine the Tools Customization tutorial for more information.

Q2 2013

What's Fixed

  • Auto opening of VS 2012's design view

  • BackgroundGrid mismatches the ruler

  • Cannot create a connection to restored shape

  • Can't delete associated connections with a shape

  • Inconsistence in the ConnectionManipulationCompleted event logic

  • Offset property of connectors is not updated in data binding scenarios

  • RadDiagram doesn't handle the drop operation correctly

  • Ruler's values are not updated when Pan is performed through the NavigationPane

  • Setting SnapX or SnapY to 1 hides ItemsToItems snapping lines

  • SettingsPane issues when setting Win8/Win8Touch application theme with StyleManager

  • The items collection is not cleared on GraphSourceItems reset

  • The SelectionRectangle is shown as a dot before first rectangle selection

  • Undo/Redo Not working properly when GraphSourse is used

  • You can't use the Path/PencilTool in MVVM scenarios

What's New

  • Add ItemsChanging event

  • Add public Export method

  • Change default zooming to be geometrical progression

  • Collapsible containers

  • Connections creation using tools should be delayed

  • Define a "drag restricted" area in RadDiagram

  • Expose properties to control the Stroke and StrokeThickness of the Path element in the RadGeometryButtons

  • Extensibility points for SettingsPane

  • Implement an ability to display the SettingsPane only for certain diagram items

  • Improve print quality

  • Manipulation points for the corners and straight parts of a polyline connection

  • Mouse Position Indicator in Ruler

  • PreviewPositionChanged should be added

  • Provide an offset parameter to the ruler

  • Provide possibility to use DragDropManager with the RadDiagram

  • Zoom step customization

Q1 2013

What's Fixed

  • The SettingsPane throws an exception when in RadTab

  • Moving ContainerShape containing a Shape is trying to snap to the shape's original position

  • Container shapes are snapped to themselves

  • When using touch theme the SettingsPane is hard to be opened

  • IsMouseOver property is not set correctly in SL when using touch gestures

  • Exception When using Cut Command in OOB application

  • Incorrect behavior when pasting cut item

  • Polyline connections are misplaced when created with mouse

  • Focus is not received in the Diagram when clicking a selected Shape

  • Brush properties cannot be deserialized

  • Changing GraphSource when Thumbnail is Open is too slow

  • Exception when creating a Polyline Connection from a Custom Connector

  • Exception when setting the DataContext to an UIElement

  • Pressing delete button when editing item with empty content delete the item

  • Settings Pane is cut in horizontal connection

What's New

  • Ability to add Manipulation points to polyline connections in runtime

  • Pages preview on canvas

  • Resizable Grid

  • Improve the Serialization

  • By default diagram and shapes positions should not be fractions

  • Provide move commands

  • KeyBindings - Groups, Containers and others

  • A shape should be aware of its parent ContainerShape

  • Create an easy to use system to customize the services

  • Extensibility Points for Snapping Functionality

  • Text tool

  • MVVM and containers integration

  • Connections bridges

  • Add event notifying that all shapes are prepared for layout

Q3 2012

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: Performance issues when GraphSource is set to null

  • Fixed: AutoFit is performed on load, then panning does not work correctly

  • Fixed: Connection's EditTemplate does not work correctly

  • Fixed: ContainerShape's ContainerLayout = Fixed doesn't work as expected

  • Fixed: Create IsEditable property on Diagram Item level

  • Fixed: Dragging a floating connection throws an exception

  • Fixed: Exception is raised if connectors with empty name are added

  • Fixed: Min/Max(Width|Height) properties must be serialized and deserialized

  • Fixed: Resizing respects MinWidth and MinHeight but not MaxWidth and MaxHeight

  • Fixed: Scrollbars should be update on first loading of diagram

  • Fixed: Shape is not removed from parent ContainerShape's Items collection when moved in a child ContainerShape

  • Fixed: Snap to items doesn't work in some cases

  • Fixed: Strange behavior of ContainerShape when its position is set

  • Fixed: Strange bounce when moving a Shape out of ContainerShape

  • Fixed: Telerik expandable controls doesn't work correct in rotated Shapes

  • Fixed: The Minimap and the PrintPreview should not take into account the collapsed items

  • Fixed: The slider in the PrintPreview doesn't work properly

  • Fixed: The ticks in the ruler disappear if the diagram's zoom is greater than default maximum zoom

  • Fixed: Turning virtualization off changes the collapsed shapes to visible

  • Fixed: Zoom (Position) and Viewport properties are not synchronized when using animations

What's New

  • Feature: Visual Containers

  • Feature: Thumbnail container control

  • Feature: DrawingTools: Introduce mechanism (property) to control the strokethickness and stroke of the drawing line/curve

  • Feature: PathTool should show the new state of the figure-in-creation on every new anchor point creation (like in Blend)

  • Feature: Allow free hand drawing

  • Feature: Polygon drawing tool (pen)

  • Feature: Print preview re-design

  • Feature: Ruler Smart Scaling

  • Feature: Optimize Ruler performance

  • Feature: Implement Touch gestures

  • Feature: Ruller Code Quality and Extensibility Improvement

  • Feature: Diagram's design time - wizard

  • Feature: Refactor and improve tools related services

  • Feature: Create proper UI Automation peers

  • Feature: Provide better API for enable/disable manipulation properties per shape

  • Feature: Gliding connectors

  • Feature: Create an example in the QSF that is based on visual objects - charts, grids...

Q2 2012

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: Exception when setting the DataContext to an UIElement

What's New

  • Feature: Horizontal and Vertical Rulers

  • Feature: Implement scrolling functionality

  • Feature: Ability to limit the number of connections to a shape

  • Feature: Printing

  • Feature: Different Tree Layouts

  • Feature: Org. Grid Router – algorithm for positioning of polyline connections.

  • Feature: Bi-directional MVVM data-binding support

  • Feature: Groups allowing to group shapes and connections

  • Feature: Custom Connectors

  • Feature: Bezier connections

  • Feature: Allow bringing item(s) into view

  • Feature: New Diagram Extensions Assembly that contains new controls, features and extensions of the Diagramming framework like a Thumbnail a.k.a. Mini Map, Print Preview , Ruler, Built-in Toolbox and Built-in Settings Pane.

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