This article describes the release history of the control.

For the complete Release History of UI for Silverlight for Silverlight go to What's New Section.

Q1 2014

What's Fixed

  • PopupPlacementTarget in RadDateTimePicker is not respected when FlowDirection is RTL

  • When IsDropDownOpen is set to True the designer in VS2012 crashes

  • DateTimePicker throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException when ShortDatePattern = "MM/yyyy" and AllowParsingWithoutSeparator="True"

  • After changing the culture, the ErrorTooltipContent and the DateTimeWatermarkContent does not localize their value.

  • DateTimePicker throws exception when the Close button is not present in the ControlTemplate

  • DateTimeWatermarkContent cannot be set to null.

  • When Culture is set to Korean and the time part is changed it is wrongly parsed

Q3 2013

What's New

  • Extend the parsing mechanism of the control to support military date and time parsing

What's Fixed

  • Incorrect parsing when inputing only 2 or 3 digits

  • The Year is not parsed correctly when "yyyy" format is set and one number is typed

  • There is a Border next to the Image for the Button in DateTimePicker in Windows8 theme which can be clicked and causes issues with the focus

  • When 30th is selected and "Feb" is typed in the DatePicker, and exception is thrown

  • The dropdown is closing when you try to zoom in when in Month, Year or Decade view in Touch

  • The current year does not look focused when DateSelectionMode = "Year"

  • AccessViolationException in RadDateTimePicker when using JAWS in Month/Year selection mode

  • Bug when parsing Time entered without separators and with seconds

  • DateTimePicker parses incorrectly time when the entered string ends with colon when in Time InputMode

  • Exception is thrown when 29th February is used and user inserts a value from a non-leap year

  • When Numeric and DateTimePicker are put in a ScrollView with IsTabStop=False set, the application hangs

  • If in a RadWindow the first elements are two consecutive DateTimePicker controls and that Window is focused the application hangs

  • When the theme is switched at runtime the TextBox in the DateTimePicker loses the text

Q2 2013

What's New

  • Keyboard navigation improvements

What's Fixed

  • The drop down of the RadDatePicker is not closed when date selected with touch

  • ErrorTooltip is visible out of the frame if its content is big enough

  • The extension popup does not disappear when user move the window that contains the RadDatePicker

  • The name of the RadDropDownButton in the RadDateTimePicker in Expression_Dark theme is " DP" instead of "PART_DropDownButton"

  • SelectedValue doesn't clear after clearing the text in the RadDateTimePicker

  • When the control is placed in RadGridView's column, editing it only with keyboard places the second entered digit before the first one

Q1 2013

What's New

  • Implement military date/time parsing. Check here for more details.

What's Fixed

  • Fixed disabled state of RadDateTimePicker and RadWaterMarkTextBox

  • Clock layout is not updated when ClockItemSource is changed

  • A double line appears in Calendar Control when AreWeekNamesVisible="False" and ViewsHeaderVisibility="Visible"

  • RadDateTimePicker doesn't focus its textbox part after selecting a value from the calendar

  • RadDateTimePicker leaks when popup is opened

  • Closing Dropdown by clicking on other control outside the RadDateTimePicker doesn't release the focus

  • The drop down of the DatePicker is not closed when date selected with touch

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