Tech Specs and Comparisons

This article compares RadComboBox with native Silverlight ComboBox features and explains few additional ones as well.

Feature comparison of RadComboBox and Silverlight ComboBox

Feature RadComboBox Silverlight ComboBox
Background, BorderBrush, BorderThickness OK OK
Cursor OK OK
FlowDirection, FontFamily, FontSize, FontStyle, FontWeightForeground OK OK
Themes OK OK
ToolTip OK OK
Edit Items OK OK
Edit Modes OK OK
Edit Templates OK -
Clear Button OK -
Auto complete OK -
Filtering OK - (out of the box)
ItemContainerStyleSelector OK -
ItemTemplateSelector OK -
Virtualization Support OK OK

Additional Features

  • Possibility of adding UI in the ComboBox Content

  • Wide variety of themes, possibility for creating custom themes

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