You can customize the appearance of a RadColorPicker by choosing which of the parts to be visible.

1. You can set the NoColorVisibility property to Visibility.Visible to view the NoColorField, otherwise you should set it to false:

<telerik:RadColorPicker NoColorVisibility="Visible" /> 

RadColorPicker colorPicker = new RadColorPicker(); 
colorPicker.NoColorVisibility = Visibility.Visible; 
// colorPicker.NoColorVisibility= Visibility.Collapsed; 
Dim colorPicker As New RadColorPicker() 
colorPicker.NoColorVisibility = Visibility.Visible 
' colorPicker.NoColorVisibility= Visibility.Collapsed; ' 

No Color Field

2. You can use StandardPaletteVisibility and HeaderPaletteVisibility in order to set the visibility of the corresponding palettes:
  • StandardPaletteVisibility

        <telerik:RadColorPicker StandardPaletteVisibility="Visible" /> 

        RadColorPicker colorPicker = new RadColorPicker(); 
        colorPicker.StandardPaletteVisibility = Visibility.Visible; 
         // colorPicker.StandardPaletteVisibility = Visibility.Collapsed; 
        Dim colorPicker As New RadColorPicker() 
        colorPicker.StandardPaletteVisibility = Visibility.Visible 
        ' colorPicker.StandardPaletteVisibility = Visibility.Collapsed; ' 
  • HeaderPaletteVisibility

        <telerik:RadColorPicker HeaderPaletteVisibility="Visible" /> 

        RadColorPicker colorPicker = new RadColorPicker(); 
        colorPicker.HeaderPaletteVisibility = Visibility.Visible; 
        // colorPicker.HeaderPaletteVizibility = Visibility.Collapsed; 
        Dim colorPicker As New RadColorPicker() 
        colorPicker.HeaderPaletteVisibility = Visibility.Visible 
        ' colorPicker.HeaderPaletteVizibility = Visibility.Collapsed; ' 

Color Picker StructureSL

3. You can set different text for StandardPalette header text, MainPalette header text and NoColorText.
  • StandardPaletteHeaderText

        <telerik:RadColorPicker StandardPaletteHeaderText="StandardPalette header" /> 

        RadColorPicker colorPicker = new RadColorPicker(); 
        colorPicker.StandardPaletteHeaderText = "StandardPaletteHeader"; 
        Dim colorPicker As New RadColorPicker() 
        colorPicker.StandardPaletteHeaderText = "StandardPaletteHeader" 
  • MainPaletteHeaderText

        RadColorPicker colorPicker = new RadColorPicker(); 
        colorPicker.MainPaletteHeaderText = "MainPaletteHeader"; 

        <telerik:RadColorPicker MainPaletteHeaderText="MainPalette header" /> 
  • NoColorText

        RadColorPicker colorPicker = new RadColorPicker(); 
        colorPicker.NoColorText = "No color Text"; 
            Dim colorPicker As New RadColorPicker() 
        colorPicker.NoColorText = "No color Text" 
4. RadColorPicker is a stylable control. You can customize the look of the RadSplitButton. In order to do this you should use SplitButtonStyle property.
  • SplitButtonStyle - this property should be used to control the style of the split button.
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