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Engineers at Telerik designed the RadChartView so that it prompts you with a message when something prevents it from visualizing any content on the screen. The message you see depends on the scenario in which you use RadChartView.

When there are no axes defined and if the corresponding charting component uses axes to visualize the series, RadChartView may give you one of the following default messages:

Message Reason for displaying
HorizontalAxis not set
VerticalAxis not set
PolarAxis not set
AngleAxis not set The corresponding axis is not set
No series added There are no series added to the control
No data to plot There is no data added to the defined series

When the axes are properly set but there is no series defined all charting components notify you with the “No series added” message. If the series are defined but the data of the series is not set, the message is “No data to plot”.

You can receive a "No data to plot" message, if you are using the NoXaml dlls and you have created a custom series. In that case, you should make sure to base the style of the custom series on the default one. For example, if you have defined a class named MyBarSeries, which inherits BarSeries, you can add the following style "".

You are allowed to customize the visualized content by using the following properties:

  • EmptyContent - this property is of type object and it gets or sets the content that will be visualized when the charting component cannot visualize anything on the screen. Please note that this object will be displayed in all of the above mentioned cases.

        <telerik:RadCartesianChart EmptyContent="This is a custom string" > 
  • EmptyContentTemplate - this property is of type DataTemplate and it gets or sets the data template that will be applied to the EmptyContent object.

                          <Image Source="Error.jpg"></Image> 
                          <TextBlock Text="There is an error in the settings of the control!"></TextBlock> 
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