Set Drag Visual Offset

The DragVisualOffset property gets or sets the mouse offset relative to the drag source. You can use it in combination with the RelativeStartPoint properties of the DragInitializeEventArgs in order to calculate and set your own offset.

The RelativeStartPoint property gives you the relative coordinates of the mouse pointer when starting a drag operation. If you need an additional offset you can use the relative point, create a new one that has the necessary values. And then you can assign it to the DragVisualOffset property, like so:

private void OnDragInitialize(object sender, DragInitializeEventArgs args) 
  args.DragVisualOffset = new Point(args.RelativeStartPoint.X - 25, args.RelativeStartPoint.Y - 25);               
Private Sub OnDragInitialize(sender As Object, args As DragInitializeEventArgs) 
    args.DragVisualOffset = New Point(args.RelativeStartPoint.X - 25, args.RelativeStartPoint.Y - 25) 
End Sub 
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