Touch Support

Telerik UI for Silverlight now provides touch support. The functionality is built on top of our TouchManager framework which provides the needed extensibility and the ability for each of the specific controls in the suite to support only the needed for it gestures.


Touch gestures describe gestures in which you use a finger or stylus to a movement over a control or object on the screen. These are the commonly supported ones for the suite:

Gesture - Description
Common Touch Support 01 Swipe The user presses and holds on the screen and then drags the finger / stylus in any direction.
Common Touch Support 02 Pinch The user touches the screen with two (or more) fingers and moves them inwards or outwards.
Common Touch Support 03 Tap The user touches the screen.
Common Touch Support 04 Tap and Move The user presses and holds the screen for few seconds (between 600ms and 1500ms) and drags his finger / stylus in any direction.
Common Touch Support 05 Tap and Hold The user presses and holds the screen for a few seconds (more than 1500ms).

As of version Q2 2015, the TouchIndicator is represented by a single circle.

Controls Behavior

Below are listed the controls and their behavior with the different gestures:

Control Swipe Pinch Tap Tap and Move Tap and Hold Custom
RadCalendar Next/Previous Semantic zoom (only outwards) Click - - -
RadChartView Scroll Zoom Click/Selection/Tooltip Trackball Show ToolTip -
RadComboBox Scroll DropDown - Click - - -
RadCoverFlow Scroll with inertia - Click Scroll (if possible) - -
RadDiagram Pan with Inertia Zoom Select Scroll Shows circle for Rectangle Selection Tap and Hold and Move will start a rectangle Selection
RadGanttView Scroll with inertia Zoom Click On item - Drag&Drop; on slot - Scroll - -
RadGauge - - Click Moves indicators Shows tooltip -
RadGridView Scroll - Click/Selection HeaderCell/GroupPanelItem - Drag&Drop - -
RadImageEditor Scroll Zoom - - - -
RadListBox Scroll with inertia - Click Drag&Drop - -
RadMap Pan Zoom Click/Selection - - Double Tap -> Zoom
RadPdfViewer Scroll Zoom Click - - Selection markers to extend the selection
RadRropertyGrid Scroll - Click/Selection - - -
RadRichTextBox Scroll Zoom Click (move caret to position) - Show context menu Selection markers to extend the selection
RadScheduleView Horizontally - Previous/Next; Vertically - Scroll Timeline - Zoom, others - switching the views Click/Selection On item - Drag&Drop; on slot - multiple slots selection - -
RadSpreadsheet Scroll Zoom Click - - Selection markers to extend the selection
RadTimeBar Scroll Zoom Click/Selection Moves Selection Selection Double Tap -> Extends selection
RadTimeline Scroll Zoom Click/Selection Selection Shows tooltip -
RadTreeListView Scroll - Click - Shows a circle to be dragged -
RadTreeMap - - Selection - Shows tooltip -
RadTreeView Scroll with Inertia - Click/Selection/Expand - Shows touch Indicator Tap and Hold and Move will Start Drag operation
RadTileList Scroll - Selection - - -

TouchManager States

As of version Q2 2014, we have introduced a new IsTouchEnabled property, which controls the state of TouchManager on application level. Setting it to False will prevent any touch events to be fired.

The property is of boolean type and its Default value is True.

You can also take a look at the Touch Modes help article

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