RadGauge: Getting Started

This article will guide you through the process of adding a RadRadialGauge instance to a page in a {N} application and adding scales and indicators to it.

Figure 1. Radial gauge with needle and bar indicators

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Run the following command to add the plugin to your application:

tns plugin add nativescript-ui-gauge

Adding a RadRadialGauge to your Component

Before proceeding, make sure that the nativescript-ui-gauge/vue module is required inside your application. This module handles the registration of the custom directives and elements required by nativescript-vue.

To display data the RadRadialGauge instance is not enough. We should add also add a scale with at least on indicator. In this example we are going to add a RadialScale with several RadialBarIndicator instances and one RadialNeedle. To add a scale to the RadRadialGauge we should use its scales property. Adding indicators to the scale is similar - we are using RadialScale's indicators property.

In order to setup an RadRadialGauge in your application you will need to follow this steps:

  • First start by declaring the <RadRadialGauge></RadRadialGauge> tags
  • The main elements that are visualized by the gauge are its scales, in order to declare multiple scales simply declare the <RadialScale v-tkRadialGaugeScales></RadialScale> and set the v-tkRadialGaugeScales inline directive to it.
const MyComponent = {
    template: `
                <RadialScale v-tkRadialGaugeScales minimum="0" maximum="6" radius="0.90">
                <ScaleStyle v-tkRadialScaleStyle majorTicksCount="7" minorTicksCount="9" lineThickness="0" labelsCount="7" ticksOffset="0" />
                <RadialBarIndicator v-tkRadialScaleIndicators minimum="0" maximum="1.2" location="0.97">
                    <BarIndicatorStyle v-tkRadialBarIndicatorStyle fillColor="#dddddd" />
                <RadialBarIndicator v-tkRadialScaleIndicators minimum="1.2" maximum="2.4" location="0.97">
                    <BarIndicatorStyle v-tkRadialBarIndicatorStyle fillColor="#9DCA56" />
                <RadialBarIndicator v-tkRadialScaleIndicators minimum="2.4" maximum="3.6" location="0.97">
                    <BarIndicatorStyle v-tkRadialBarIndicatorStyle fillColor="#F0C44D" />
                <RadialBarIndicator v-tkRadialScaleIndicators minimum="3.6" maximum="4.8" location="0.97">
                    <BarIndicatorStyle v-tkRadialBarIndicatorStyle fillColor="#E27633" />
                <RadialBarIndicator v-tkRadialScaleIndicators minimum="4.8" maximum="6" location="0.97">
                    <BarIndicatorStyle v-tkRadialBarIndicatorStyle fillColor="#A7010E" />
                <RadialNeedle v-tkRadialScaleIndicators :value="gaugeValue" />
    data() {
        return {
            gaugeValue: 2