RadAutoCompleteTextView: Completion modes

RadAutoCompleteTextView has two modes for filtering suggestions.

The completion mode can be changed with the completionMode property of the RadAutoCompleteTextView. The default value is StartsWith.

The next code snippet shows how to change that default value to StartsWith:

import { CompletionMode } from 'nativescript-ui-autocomplete';
import { getCountries } from './data';

export default {
  template: `
      <RadAutoCompleteTextView ref="autocomplete"
                               hint="select country"
        <SuggestionView ~suggestionView suggestionViewHeight="300">
          <StackLayout v-suggestionItemTemplate orientation="vertical" padding="10">
              <StackLayout orientation="horizontal">
                <Image :src="item.image" width="50"></Image>
                <Label :text="item.text" marginLeft="5" android:marginTop="15"></Label>
      <Label text="COMPLETION MODES"></Label>
      <StackLayout orientation="horizontal">
        <Button margin="5" text="StartsWith" @tap="onStartsWithSelected()"></Button>
        <Button margin="5" text="Contains" @tap="onContainsSelected()"></Button>
  data () {
    return {
      dataItems: getCountries(),
      completionMode: CompletionMode.Horizontal,
  methods: {
    onStartsWithSelected(args) {
      this.completionMode = CompletionMode.StartsWith;
    onContainsSelected(args) {
      this.completionMode = CompletionMode.Contains;

StartsWith Mode

In StartsWith mode the autocomplete shows only suggestions that start with the typed phrase.

Contains Mode

In Contains mode the autocomplete shows only suggestions that contain the typed phrase.
Contains mode is not intended to work with the Append and SuggestAppend modes.
Since both these modes append the rest of the suggestion to the typed text, the combination between them and Contains won't be helpful but rather confusing.


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