Styling: Grid

Styling the chart grid is done by using the corresponding customization properties exposed by the Grid object. Here is a list of the properties that can be used to customized:


To better illustrate the Grid customization, we will show a code snippet where its properties have been used for customizing it:

<RadCartesianChartGrid tkCartesianGrid horizontalLinesVisible="true" verticalLinesVisible="true" horizontalStripLinesVisible="true"
    verticalStripLinesVisible="true" verticalStrokeColor="#804d0026" horizontalStrokeColor="#ffffcc80" horizontalStrokeWidth="2"
    verticalStrokeWidth="3" horizontalStripLineColor="#8059005c, #804d0026"></RadCartesianChartGrid>

This is how the chart looks like now:


Axis styling


Axis styling