RadSpinner for .NET MAUI is a control which allows you to display items in a list. It also provides an option to loop through its items. RadSpinner control is used for the DatePicker, ListPicker. Also is could be used inside the TemplatedPicker SelectorTemplate.


  • ItemLength(double): Defines the length of the items in the spinner.

  • ItemSpacing(double): Defines the spacing between the items.

  • IsLooping(bool): Defines a value indicating whether the items should loop infinitely while scrolling. By default the looping is disabled. In order to enable it set IsLooping="True".

Data Binding

  • ItemsSource(IList): Defines a collection used to generate the content of the spinner.

  • SelectedItem(object): Defines the selected item.

  • SelectedIndex(int): Specifies the selected index of the Spinner control.

  • DisplayStringFormat(string): Defines the string format used to display the items of the spinner.

  • DisplayMemberPath(string): Specifies a path to the property used to display the items of the spinner


  • ItemTemplate(DataTemplate): Defines the template for the spinner items

  • SelectedItemTemplate(DataTemplate): Defines the template for spinner selected item


  • ItemStyle(Style): Defines the style for the spinner items.

  • SelectedItemStyle(Style): Defines the style for the spinner selected item.


  • SelectionChanged: Raised when the user confirms the selected item.

Sample example with RadSpinner control can be found in the TemplatedPicker/DataBinding folder of the Telerik UI for .NET MAUI SDKBrowser Application.

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