This topic describes the formatting capabilities of Telerik DatePicker for .NET MAUI control both when the picker dialog is open and when a date value is picked.

DisplayString Format

DisplayStringFormat property defines the format of the string that will be visualized when the picker dialog is closed.

The format set for DisplayStringFormat should be a valid date format.

Here is a sample Date Picker definition:

<telerikInput:RadDatePicker DefaultHighlightedDate="2020,05,15"
                            Placeholder="Pick a date!"

In addition to this, you need to add the following namespace:


Spinner Format

DatePicker for .NET MAUI allows you to use standard or custom date format strings through the SpinnerFormat property. Depending on what format is set, the picker visualizes spinner controls with prepopulated values to be picked.

SpinnerFormat property defines the string format for the spinners. The default format is "g".

Standard Date Format Strings

The available Standard Date Format Strings which can be set to the SpinnerFormat property are described in the table below:

Supported Standard Date Format String Description
"d" Short Date Format. Invariant culture format is MM/dd/yyyy
"G" Short Date "d" and Long Time "T"
"g" Short Date "d" and Short Time "t"
"M" Month Format Specifier
"m" Month Format specifier
"Y" Year Month Format Specifier
"y" Year Month Format Specifier

Custom Date Format Strings

The available Custom Date Format Strings which can be set to the SpinnerFormat property are described in the table below:

Supported Custom Date Format Strings

We currently do not support any standard date formats which contain long date inside them. Standard Date Format Strings to the Date Picker control.

Supported Separators

When SpinnerFormat is set and the device culture is changed, the separators used for the format string won't be changed:

Supported Format Separators
" "


SpinnerFormat="MMMM dd"

<telerikInput:RadDatePicker SpinnerFormat="MMMM dd" />

And the result:


<telerikInput:RadDatePicker SpinnerFormat="dd" />

And the result:

SpinnerFormat="MMM yyyy"

<telerikInput:RadDatePicker SpinnerFormat="MMM yyyy" />

And the result:


<telerikInput:RadDatePicker SpinnerFormat="yyyy/dd/MMM" />

And the result:

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