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Mock Multiple Interfaces

When a mock is created by using Mock.Create all dependencies are also implemented. Thus, if you are interested in a specific interface implementation you can use the as operator and call the interface members.

Consider the following interface:

public interface IFoo : IDisposable 
    void Do(); 

The IFoo interface has IDisposable implemented. When you are interested only in IDisposable calls, you need to perform a conversion from the created mock to IDisposable.

// Arrange 
var foo = Mock.Create<IFoo>(); 
var iDisposable = foo as IDisposable; 

Finally, check whether the dispose method invokes our mock code successfully.

bool called = false; 
Mock.Arrange(() => iDisposable.Dispose()).DoInstead(() => called = true); 
// Act 
// Assert 
Mock.Assert(() => iDisposable.Dispose(), Occurs.Once()); 
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