TKTabView provides two layouts out of the box. These are TKTabOverflowLayout and TKTabScrollLayout.
The default layout is the scroll layout. The tab view layouts share a common base class called TKTabLayoutBase which in turn implements the TKTabLayout protocol.


TKTabScrollLayout arranges tabs in a scroll view. If the maximum number of visible tabs is exceeded, the user can scroll to see the remaining tabs.
Using TKTabScrollLayout is as easy as creating an instance:

self->tabView.tabStrip.layout = [TKTabScrollLayout new];


TKTabOverflowLayout puts tabs in a popup after the number of tabs exceeds max tabs. The popup is closed when a tab from the popup is selected or
when the user taps outside the popup. To use TKTabOverflowLayout simply create an instance:

self->tabView.tabStrip.layout = [TKTabOverflowLayout new];

Max visible tabs

All layouts have a maxVisibleTabs property. It determines how many tabs will be shown on screen. If there are more tabs they will be
shown in a scroll view for TKTabScrollLayout or in a popup for TKTabOverflowLayout;