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Create and Download a Theme

The Sass Theme Builder for Telerik® UI for ASP.NET AJAX is a convenient customization tool providing the ability and power to create your own custom Lightweight skins and themes quickly and efficiently. This could be easily achieved without the necessity of understanding the underlying HTML and CSS structure of the controls.


After you create the custom skin you will need to register it on the page where it will be used.

Creating a New Theme

A theme dictates the overall look and feel of every product, be it a web site or GUI software. Traditionally, creating a new custom theme consumes significant time, designer involvement and tedious drilling into the element structure of a control.

The Sass Theme Builder web-based tool can help you drastically reduce this effort and achieve the desired look and feel seamlessly, while enables you to concentrate on the design and styling of your new theme.

First, you need to select the Start Theming option. Then select one of the existing Skins to use as a base.

Figure1: Demonstrates the first steps for creating a new Theme.

Theme Builder Create and Download 1

Then, you can scroll down and select the controls that you want to start customizing. The option to add or remove controls for customization is also available after the initial create of the Theme.

Figure2: Shows a list of controls available for customization trough the Theme Builder.

Theme Builder Create and Download 2

Some of the controls have composite structures and include other child controls to provide the rich functionality they offer, e.g. RadGrid. The Sass Theme Builder applies the selected changes automatically on such controls, so you don't bother to customize them separately.


Applying the desired colors is pretty straightforward. The Theme Builder provides Color pickers for customizing the appearance of the controls and the changes can be observed on the fly. While you have the possibility to manually alter each element of the controls, we provide you with the ability to use predefined swatches (see Figure3 #1).

Figure3: Demonstrates the functionalities available for customization.

Theme Builder Create and Download 3

1. Swatches column contains various predefined pallettes applied on all selected controls.

2. Theme Colors column provides the applicable color customization options.

3. Preview of Controls keeps the main view of the controls, providing you with the ability to add/remove controls (see Figure 2).

4. Download button is used after customization is finalized. It downloads the archive holding the generated style files. Once the button is clicked, you will be prompted with a dialog where you can name your theme.

Download and Apply in a Project

Once you have completed the modifications and the new Theme is ready to be used in a project, you can download it as a compact archive using the Download button (#4 from the previous section).

Add the new Theme folder in your application and register it on the page where it will be used.

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