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The RadEditor Symbols dropdown by default displays a predefined set of symbols. They are kept in the Symbols Collection. You can easily predefine the Symbols collection by modifying the ToolsFile.xml / ListToolsFile.xml files, located in the following folder:

/Program Files/Common Files/Microsoft Shared/web server extensions/wpresources/RadEditorSharePoint/6.x.x.0__1f131a624888eeed/Resources/

For example:

 <tools name="MainToolbar" enabled="true">
   <tool name="InsertSymbol" />
   <symbol value="\u20AC" />
   <symbol value="\u00A2" />
   <symbol value="\u00A3" />
   <symbol value="\u00A5" />
   <symbol value="\u00A4" />
   <symbol value="\u00A9" />
   <symbol value="\u00AE" />
   <symbol value="\u2122" />

Here is a complete list of the symbols populated by default the "Insert Symbols" dropdown:

[\u20AC, \u00A, \u00A3, \u00A5, \u00A4, \u00A9, \u00AE, \u2122, u00B1, \u2260, \u2248, \u2264, \u2265, \u00F7, \u00D7, \u221E, \u00BD, \u00BC, \u00BE, \u00B2, \u00B3, \u2030, \u00B6, \u00A7, \u03B1, \u03B2, \u03B1, \u002E, \u0394, \u00B5, \u03A9, \u2211, \u00D8, \u2220, \u00BA, u00AB, \u00BB, \u00B7, \u2022, \u2020, \u2021, \u0192]

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