Template Manager


Using the Template Manager dialog the users of RadEditor can:

  • insert templates in the editor's content area

  • upload new templates, which will be available for inserting.

  • delete templates

Properties to set:

The behavior of the Template Manager dialog is controlled by the following properties:

  • TemplatePaths - by using this property you can set which MOSS's libraries to be included into the TemplatePaths collection and shown in the Template Manager dialog. By default, all the libraries from the current site are included in the TemplatePaths collection. If you set the Template Path starting with "/" it will refer the sites collection root.

  • TemplateFilters - a string array which contains the file extension filters that controls which files are shown in the Template Manager dialog. The * character can be used as a wildcard in the extension, for example *.ht* will match *.htm*, *.html* and any other extension which starts with ht.

  • MaxTemplateSize - The maximum template file size in bytes, allowed for uploading. The default value is 2048000 bytes.

For example:

The files which properties need to be modified are ConfigFile.xml / ListConfigFile.xml, located in the following folder:

/Program Files/Common Files/Microsoft Shared/web server extensions/wpresources/RadEditorSharePoint/6.x.x.0__1f131a624888eeed/Resources/

    <property name="TemplatePaths">
    <property name="TemplateFilters">
    <property name="MaxTemplateSize">4096000</property>

Note that in SharePoint 2010 the Upload and Delete options depend on the current user's permissions for the desired library.

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