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By using the MOSSTemplateManagertool the users can add items from the Reusable Content list to the content of RadEditor for MOSS. When the user clicks the MOSSTemplateManager toolbar button the standard Select Reusable Content Web Page dialog box opens and displays the contents of the Reusable Contentlist. Here the user can browse the list for the item that he wants to add.

Usage in different scenarios:

  • Web Content Management scenario – This is the case when the user uses RadEditor for MOSS to edit content that is contained by a Page Content field control. Here the user can benefit from the full functionality of MOSS Reusable Content and most important the Automatic Update feature.

  • WebPart and List Items – Since the Reusable Content functionality is not available in the out of the box Html Editor in such scenarios, the MOSSTemplateManager tool of RadEditor for MOSS can only be used as a plain HTML template manager. Here the Automatic Update feature is not available.

Browser compatibility issues:

The MOSSTemplateManager toolbar button opens the standard Select Reusable Content Web Page dialog. This dialog however is not compatible with FireFox.

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