Using RadEditor's Client-Side events in MOSS

Telerik RadEditor's provides a very rich Client-Side API which is very useful when implementing some more complicated scenarios. Bellow are the editor's Client-Side events:

In order to execute you custom code called when RadEditor's Client-Side event is fired you need to:

  1. Set the desired event in the respective ConfigFile

  2. Put your custom code in the \wpresources\RadEditorSharePoint\5.x.x.x**1f131a624888eeed\Resources\ MOSSEditorTools.js

For example:

Open the \wpresources\RadEditorSharePoint\5.x.x.x1f131a624888eeed\Resources*ConfigFile.xml* and attach the editor's OnClientLoad event to your custom OnClientLoad function e.g.

<property name="**OnClientLoad**">OnClientLoad</property>

Next, open the \wpresources\RadEditorSharePoint\5.x.x.x1f131a624888eeed\Resources\MOSSEditorTools.js** and set your custom OnClientLoadfunction e.g.

function OnClientLoad(editor, args)
    editor.attachEventHandler("onkeydown", function (e)
        alert("Content area key down " + e.keyCode);

Clear the browser's cache and test what the result is.

For more information, about the editor's Client-Side API please review the Client-Side API Reference section of the RadEditor for ASP.NET AJAX help.

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