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Modify RadEditor to Become Accessible

To achieve this, please follow the steps below:

  1. On the SharePoint server, openC:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\wpresources\RadEditorSharePoint\5.x.x.x1f131a624888eeed\Resources**

    The 5.x.x.x number in the path is the version of the MOSS RadEditor that you have.

  2. Copy the EditorDialogs folder from this link to the Resources folder

  3. Open the ConfigFile.xmlfile (if you are using RadEditor in Web Part scenario) and/or ListConfigFile.xml (for List scenario) from the Resources folder and add the following properties:


        <property name="OnClientLoad">OnClientLoad</property>
        <property name="NewLineBr">false</property>
        <property name="ExternalDialogsPath">/_wpresources/RadEditorSharePoint/5.x.x.x**1f131a624888eeed/Resources/EditorDialogs/</property>
        <property name="EditModes">Design</property>

    Again, the number in the ExternalDialogsPath property represents the version of the RadEditor that you are using. It should be the same as one in the name of the folder above.

  4. Open the ToolsFile.xml file from the Resources folder and change it to the following (the same changes apply to ListToolsFile.xmlif you are using RadEditor in Lists scenario):


           <tool name="MoveFocusToTextEditor" text="Move Focus To Text Editor"  />
           <tool name="Indent" text="Comment" />
           <tool name="Outdent" text="Uncomment" />
           <tool name="InsertParagraph" shortcut="CTRL+ALT+P" />
           <tool name="Cut" shortcut="CTRL+X" />
           <tool name="Copy" shortcut="CTRL+C" />
           <tool name="Paste" shortcut="CTRL+V"/>
           <tool separator="true"/>
           <tool name="Bold" shortcut="CTRL+B"/>
           <tool name="InsertOrderedList" shortcut="CTRL+ALT+L" />
           <tool name="InsertUnorderedList" shortcut="CTRL+ALT+U" />
           <tool name="XhtmlValidator" />
           <tool name="ImageManager" shortcut="CTRL+M"/>
           <tool name="LinkManager" />
           <tool name="Unlink" shortcut="CTRL+SHIFT+K" />
           <tool name="InsertCustomDate" Text="Insert Custom Date" />
           <tool name="InsertTable" shortcut="CTRL+ALT+T" />
           <tool separator="true"/>
           <tool name="FormatBlock" text="Structure" width="150px"/>
           <tool name="Help" shortcut="CTRL+H" />
           <paragraph name="Clear Formatting" value="<p>" />
           <paragraph name="Heading 2" value="<h2>" />
           <paragraph name="Heading 3" value="<h3>" />
           <paragraph name="Heading 4" value="<h4>" />
           <paragraph name="Heading 5" value="<h5>" />
  5. Download the zipped rnib.jsfile from this link and append its content at the end of the MOSSEditorTools.js file in the Resources folder.

  6. Test RadEditor - try the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H to open the help menu

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