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Use RadInput controls (RadTextBox, RadMaskedTextBox, RadNumericTextBox, RadDateInput) as targets for RadToolTip

How To

Use a RadInput control (RadTextBox, RadMaskedTextBox, RadNumericTextBox, RadDateInput) as a target for RadToolTip and avoid the browser tooltip.


RadInput controls render the title attribute set through the ToolTip property to both the span wrapper and actual input. If a RadToolTip targets the control it can remove only one of them, for the element it uses.


The second one must be removed with a line of code when the input is loaded, for example:

<script type="text/javascript">
    function removeTooltip(sender, args)
        sender.get_element().parentNode.title = "";

<telerik:RadTextBox ClientEvents-OnLoad="removeTooltip" runat="server" ID="RadTextBox1"
    ToolTip="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.">

<telerik:RadToolTip runat="server" ID="RadToolTip1" TargetControlID="RadTextBox1" IsClientID="false"
    Width="150px" Height="60px" Position="BottomRight" RelativeTo="Element">
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