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Network Error Occurred while Attempting to Read from the File Error Occurs


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When installing Telerik UI or ASP.NET AJAX, an installation network error occurs while attempting to read the file.

Error Message

A Network Error Occurred While Attempting to Read from the File

Steps to Reproduce

A sample scenario for reproducing includes the following steps:

  1. The Telerik.Web.UI_2011_1_215_Dev (1).msi file is installed.

  2. A repair or modify on the installation is initiated by Telerik.Web.UI_2011_1_215_Dev.msi.

  3. The wizard fails and the error message is shown.


Attempt to modify or repair through an installation file with name different from the original.


Re-install the product by using the correct installation package:

  1. Open Add or Remove Programs from the Control Panel.

  2. Remove the product that was installed by Telerik.Web.UI_2011_1_215_Dev (1).msi.

  3. Install Telerik.Web.UI_2011_1_215_Dev.msi.

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