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XmlHttpPanel Object

RadXmlHttpPanel provides the following server-side properties:


Property Description
LoadingPanelID Gets or sets the ID of the RadAjaxLoadingPanel control that will be displayed over the control during the partial page update.
Value Gets or sets a string value depending on which a certain content is loaded in the RadXmlHttpPanel.
WebMethodPath Gets or sets a string value that indicates the virtual path of the WebService used by the RadXmlHttpPanel.
WebMethodName Gets or sets a string value that indicates the WebService method used by the RadXmlHttpPanel.
EnableClientScriptEvaluation Gets or sets a boolean value indicating whether or not the client scripts loaded by the Telerik controls hosted inside the RadXmlHttpPanel should be executed.
RenderMode Gets or sets a value that indicates how the content of an RadXmlHttpPanel control will be wrapped on a page.
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