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Navigating to a URL

RadTreeView allows three types of Node actions:

URL Navigation

If you want a particular Node to navigate to a given URL location, set the NavigateUrl attribute.


This code sets the tree Node myNode to be a link to relative URL location "auctions.aspx?id=4". //codeRadTreeNode myNode= new RadTreeNode ();myNode.NavigateUrl = "auctions.aspx?id=4";
This XML code has the same effect as the one above. It sets the tree Node "MyLabel" to be a link to the same URL location "auctions.aspx?id=4" // xml

URL Navigation (frames)

RadTreeView fully supports frames, as well. You can set URL Navigation for a specified frame by using the Target attribute. Note: Target supports "_blank" for opening in a new window.

RadTreeNode myNode = new RadTreeNode ();
myNode.NavigateUrl = "auctions.aspx?id=4";
myNode.Target = "contentFrame";         
Dim myNode As New RadTreeNode()
myNode.NavigateUrl = "auctions.aspx?id=4"
myNode.Target = "contentFrame" 
<node text="MyLabel" navigateurl="auctions.aspx?id=4" target="contentFrame" />

For URL links outside your site you must provide full URL, i.e. NavigateUrl=""

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