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RadTreeView Item Builder

The RadTreeView Item Builder lets you add, edit, delete and set properties for nodes at design-time.

  • From the RadTreeView Smart Tag , click on the Build RadTreeView link.

  • Right-click on the RadTreeView control and select Build RadTreeView from the context menu.

RadTreeView Item Builder

RadTreeView Item Builder Designer

  • Click the Add Root Item button to append a top-level node.
    RadTreeView Add Root Item

  • Click the Add Child Item button to append a child node to a currently selected node.
    RadTreeView Add Child Item

  • Click the Remove Item button to delete the currently selected node.
    RadTreeView Remove Item

  • Use the Promote button to make the selected node a sibling of its parent.
    RadTreeView Promote Button

  • Use the Demote button to make the selected node a child of its preceding sibling.
    RadTreeView Demote Button

  • Select individual nodes to change their properties using the property pane on the right of the RadTreeView Item Builder.

  • Use the sorting controls button above the property pane to sort the properties by category or alphabetically.
    RadTreeView Property Buttons

Key properties for each node are:

  • Text

  • Value

  • NavigateUrl

  • ToolTip

  • PostBack

  • ExpandMode

  • ContextMenuID

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