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Make RadTreeView Occupy the Entire Window Height

You can use the following JavaScript code to achieve the desired effect:

function resizeTree() {
    var treeDiv = document.getElementById("RadTreeView1");
    var intCompensate = 6;
    var documentObj = document.documentElement;
    if ((window.opera) || (document.all && (!(document.compatMode && document.compatMode == "CSS1Compat")))) 
        documentObj = document.body;

    treeDiv.style.height = (parseInt(documentObj.clientHeight) - intCompensate) + "px";
    treeDiv.style.overflow = "auto";

Add the following attributes to the tag of the page:

<body ms_positioning="GridLayout" onload="resizeTree()" onresize="resizeTree()" topmargin="0"
    leftmargin="0" bottommargin="0">

Please take into account that you should use the correct client-side ID of the TreeView control. In this case it is RadTreeView1. The best way to get the client-side ID of the TreeView is to get it from the HTML output of the page where the TreeView resides.