RadPageView Object

The RadPageView object is returned by the getPageView() method of the RadPageView collection.

The following table lists the most important methods:

Name Parameters Return Type Description
select none none Selects the PageView.
unselect none none Deselects the PageView.
get_selected none Boolean Returns true if the PageView is selected.
set_selected Boolean none Selects/deselects the PageView.
get_multiPage none RadMultiPage Gets the MultiPage containing the PageView.
get_index none Integer Returns the index of the PageView.
get_element none DOM Gets the DOM element for the PageView.
get_id none Integer Gets the ID of the PageView. See Example 1.
show none none Shows the PageView.
hide none none Hides the PageView.
get_contentUrl none none Gets the URL of the page that is opened in the PageView.
set_contentUrl String none Sets the URL of the page that is opened in the PageView.

Example 1. Get the IDs of all PageViews in a RadMultiPage

var multiPage = $find("<%=RadMultiPage1.ClientID %>");
for(var i = 0; i < multiPage.get_pageViews().get_count(); i++) {
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