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Cell Format Overview

As from R3 2016 RadSpreadsheet provides the ability to define hyperlink for its cells content.

You can define a hyperlink for a given cell in two ways:

  1. Using the ToolbarTab(see Figure 1), which will prompt you with a popup, where you can set the needed url (see Figure 2)

    Figure 1 shows the ToolbarTab used to open the popup.

    Figure 1:

    Figure 2 illustrates the popup where you can set the hyperlink for the cell.

    Figure 2:
    Hyperlink Popup

    From the popup, you can also remove a hyperlink, using the Remove link button.

  2. Programatically, using the Client API of the RadSpreadsheet and the SpreadsheetRange object.

    The following example demonstrates how to programatically set hyperlink for a certain cell.

    function setHyperlink() {
        var spreadsheet = $find("<%= RadSpreadsheet1.ClientID %>");
        var activeSheet = spreadsheet.get_activeSheet();
        var singleCellRange = activeSheet.get_range("B3")

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