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Events Overview

This article lists the clients-side events of the RadSpreadsheet and how to use them. Apart from the OnClientChange event, all other events are available as of R3 2019.

All events follow the MS AJAX client events convention and receive two arguments:

  1. sender - the RadSpreadsheet instance that raised the event
  2. event arguments - event-specific data provided to the developer

All the exposed events are wrappers over the Kendo UI events but are corresponding to the above convention. For instance, all Cancellable events can be canceled as shown below:

function ClientInsertSheet(sender, args) {

RadSpreadsheet is a wrapper over the Kendo UI Spreadsheet widget and so it exposes the client events and data it does. You can find a list below.

To get some intellisense inside the event handlers and check what methods are available in the arguments and values they contain, the browser's developer tools can be used. Here is a blog post article that shows one way to do it: Improve Your Debugging Skills with Chrome DevTools, section Get IntelliSense for the Client-Side Object.

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