NavigationItemBinding Collection Editor

The NavigationItemBinding Collection Editor lets you specify how to map the fields from a declarative data source to the properties of the items in your sitemap. To use the NavigationItemBinding Collection Builder, you must first set the DataSourceID property. Once the sitemap is bound to a data source, There are two ways to display the NavigationItemBinding Collection Builder:

  • Right-click on the RadSiteMap control and choose Edit RadSiteMap Databindings from the context menu.

  • From the RadSiteMap Smart Tag, choose Edit RadSiteMap Databindings...

RadSiteMap Databindings Builder

Each item in the collection represents a set of data bindings between the data source and the items in the sitemap for a given level of the sitemap (root items, items at the first child level, and so on). You can also create an item that gives the default mapping to cover any levels not specificly mapped by another item.

To add items to the collection, click the Add button, and set the item properties in the right hand pane of the dialog.

To delete items from the collection, select the item and click the Remove button.

The properties of each item in the collection specify how the RadSiteMapItem properties should be assigned:

  • Typically, for each RadSiteMapItem property, there are two properties for the data binding: one is a hard-coded property value that is assigned to all menu items to which the data binding applies, the other is the name of a field from the data source from which the property value can be taken. Thus, for example, the Text property and the TextField property both set the Text of a menu item, but the Text property sets the RadSiteMapItem text to a hard-coded string, while the TextField property maps it to a field from the data source.

  • The Depth property indicates the level of menu items to which the data binding applies. If Depth is not set, the data binding applies to all menu items not mapped by another binding. The collection should contain only one item with no value assigned to the Depth property.

  • The FormatString property specifies how to format the text supplied by the TextField of the data source.

  • The DataMember property specifies the table from which to map items. This property lets you use different tables from the same DataSet to supply values at different levels of the menu.

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