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Working with Time Values

Because the scheduler stores its time values using UTC, a little extra work is required when working with appointmenttimes programmatically.To help with this extra work, RadScheduler has a pair of methods for converting between the display time (as it appears inthe scheduler)and UTC (as the scheduler stores the date value). These methods are DisplayToUtc andUtcToDisplay. Each takes a DateTime value as an argument and returns a converted DateTime value.

When adding appointments to the scheduler programmatically, you must converttime values to universal time sothat they willbe displayed properly:

DateTime start = DateTime.Now.ToUniversalTime();
DateTime end = start.AddHours(1);
Appointment apt = new Appointment("1", start, end, "Do it now.");

Dim start As DateTime = DateTime.Now.ToUniversalTime()
Dim [end] As DateTime = start.AddHours(1)
Dim apt As New Appointment("1", start, [end], "Do it now.")

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