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Reminder Object

The Telerik.Web.UI.Reminder client-side object represents a single instance of a Reminder defined in the RadScheduler.

The tables below lists the all public properties of the Telerik.Web.UI.Reminder client-side object.



Name Parameters Return Type Description
get_trigger() None Number Gets the Reminder trigger value in minutes.
set_trigger() value (Number) None Sets the Reminder trigger value in minutes.
get_id() None Number Gets the ID of the Reminder.
set_id() id (Number) None Sets the ID of the Reminder.
get_owner() None Telerik.Web.UI.SchedulerAppointment Gets the appointment that the Reminder is associated with.
get_triggerDate() None Date Gets the date on which the reminder should be triggered.
get_attributes() None Telerik.Web.UI.SchedulerAttributeCollection Gets a collection of the Attributes associated to the current Reminder.
clone() None Telerik.Web.UI.Reminder Returns a copy of this Reminder.

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