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With the RadRibbonBarDropDown you can also use the SelectedIndex property. It returns the index (an integer value) of the currently selected item.

Working with RibbonBarDropDown on the Client-Side

RadRibbonBar provides a client-side API for working with RibbonBarDropDown. Below you can find an list of with their detailed description:

  • get_index() - returns the index of the DropDown in its parent group.

  • get_hierarchicalIndex() - returns the hierarchical index of the DropDown.

  • get_selectedIndex() - returns the index of the selected RibbonBarListItem in the DropDown.

  • set_selectedIndex() - sets the selected index of the DropDown.

  • get_selectedItem() - returns the selected RibbonBarListItem of the DropDown.



RibbonBarListItem - used by RibbonBarDropDown and RibbonBarComboBox. In order to access a single item in the collection of items get_items().getItem(0); or the get_items.get_count(); can be used.

  • get_selected() - gets the selected state of the item.

  • set_selected() - sets the selected state of the item.

  • select() - selects an item.

  • unselect() - unselect an item.

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