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OrgChartNode Object

The OrgChartNode object is returned by the getNode() method of the OrgChartNodeCollection object. It is also exposed by the event arguments of many client-side events (eventArgs.get_node()). The following table lists the most important methods:

Name Parameters Return Type Description
getId none string Returns the current node id value
get_element none string Returns the <li/> element of the node
get_groupItems none OrgChartGroupItemCollection Returns a collection of the group items asociated with that node
get_nodes none OrgChartNodeCollection Gets the node's NodeCollection.
get_hierarchicalIndex none string Gets the node's Hierarchical index.
get_nodeListElement none DOM element(ul) Gets the node's Hierarchical index.
get_parent none OrgChartNodeCollection Gets the node parent's OrgChartNodeCollection.
get_owner none RadOrgChart or OrgChartNode Gets the parent node or the OrgChart if there are no other nodes up in the hierarchy
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