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The following article demonstrates how to use and subscribe to the OnClientNodeExpanded client-side event of the RadNavigation control.

The client-side OnClientNodeExpanded event of the RadNavigation is raised immediately after some Node is expanded. To handle this event, simply write a JavaScript function that can be called when the event occurs. Then assign the name of this function as the value of the OnClientNodeClicked property.The client-side OnClientNodeExpanded event handler receives two arguments:

  • sender — the RadNavigation object that fired the event.

  • Event arguments — an event arguments object that exposes the following methods:

ButtonClicking Event Arguments Object

Name Parameters Return Type Description
get_node() Telerik.Web.UI.NavigationNode Returns an instance of NavigationNode that has just been expanded.

Example 1: Handle the RadNavigation's client-side OnClientNodeExpanded event.

<script type="text/javascript">
    function OnClientNodeExpanded(sender, eventArgs) {
        alert("the Node that has just been expanded has text: " + eventArgs.get_node().get_text());

<telerik:RadNavigation runat="server" ID="RadNavigation1" OnClientNodeExpanded="OnClientNodeExpanded">
        <telerik:NavigationNode Text="Node1">
                <telerik:NavigationNode Text="ChildNode1"></telerik:NavigationNode>
                <telerik:NavigationNode Text="ChildNode2"></telerik:NavigationNode>
                <telerik:NavigationNode Text="ChildNode3"></telerik:NavigationNode>
                <telerik:NavigationNode Text="ChildNode4"></telerik:NavigationNode>
        <telerik:NavigationNode Text="Node2"></telerik:NavigationNode>
        <telerik:NavigationNode Text="Node3"></telerik:NavigationNode>