Known Issues

This article lists known issues in the RadMultiColumnComboBox control.

Failed to Created Designer

RadMultiColumnComboBox does not support design-time at the moment.

When you open the Design-time surface of Visual Studio, RadMultiColumnComboBox instances will not render and will throw the Failed to create designer error.

Figure 1: RadMultiColumnComboBox throws errors in design-time

RadMultiColumnComboBox Failed to Create Designer

Cannot Find Embedded Skin

RadMultiColumnComboBox supports only the Default skin.

Setting a different skin name will result in a runtime error like Telerik.Web.UI.RadMultiColumnComboBox with ID='RadMultiColumnComboBox1' was unable to find an embedded skin with the name 'WebBlue'. Please, make sure that the skin name is spelled correctly and that you have added a reference to the Telerik.Web.UI.Skins.dll assembly in your project. If you want to use a custom skin, set EnableEmbeddedSkins=false..

Figure 2: RadMultiColumnComboBox cannot use skins different than Default

RadMultiColumnComboBox Unable to find Embedded Skin

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