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RadMonthYearPicker provides the SelectedDateChanged server event, which occurs when the user changes the value of the control, either when input area loses focus after the user has typed a new value, or when the user selects a new value in the popup MonthYearView. This event fires only when the AutoPostBack property is True.

The event handler is not called unless the date and/or time actually changes. If the user makes a change that results in the same value (for example, typing a different string that parses to the same value), a postback occurs but the SelectedDateChanged event handler is not called.

The SelectedDateChanged event handler receives two arguments:

  1. The control whose value has just changed. This argument is of type object, but can be cast to the appropriate type.

  2. A SelectedDateChangedEventArgs object. This object has the following two properties:

    • OldDate is the value before the change.

    • NewDate is the value after the change.

You can use this event to respond in server-side code when the user changes the value:

protected void RadMonthYearPicker1_SelectedDateChanged(object sender, SelectedDateChangedEventArgs e)
    Label1.Text = "Change from ";
    if (e.OldDate == null)
        Label1.Text += "nothing";
    else Label1.Text += e.OldDate.ToString();
    Label1.Text += " to ";
    if (e.NewDate == null)
        Label1.Text += "nothing";
    else Label1.Text += e.NewDate.ToString();
Protected Sub RadMonthYearPicker1_SelectedDateChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As SelectedDateChangedEventArgs) Handles RadMonthYearPicker1.SelectedDateChanged
    Label1.Text = "Change from "
    If e.OldDate = Nothing Then
        Label1.Text += "nothing"
        Label1.Text += e.OldDate.ToString()
    End If
    Label1.Text += " to "
    If e.NewDate = Nothing Then
        Label1.Text += "nothing"
        Label1.Text += e.NewDate.ToString()
    End If
End Sub

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