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Getting Started Overview

This tutorial will walk you through creating a RadMenu and shows how to:

  • Use the RadMenu Item Editor to build a simple menu.

  • Apply a skin to the menu to change its look & feel.

  • Set RadMenu properties.

Creating a menu using the RadMenu Item Builder

  1. Drag a RadMenu component from the toolbox onto your Web page. The RadMenu Smart Tag should appear automatically:RadMenu Smart Tag

  2. On the Smart Tag, choose Edit Items. The RadMenu Item Builder appears:RadMenu ItemBuilder

  3. Click the Add root item button (RadMenu Add Root Item) to add a root item to your menu.

  4. With the root item selected, click the Add child item button (RadMenu Add Child Item) to add a child to your root item.

  5. Add some more root items, and child items using the Add root item button and the Add child item button:Sample RadMenu

  6. Select one of the child items, and change its IsSeparator property to True and its Text property to an empty string (""):RadMenu IsSeparator Property

  7. Click OK to confirm and exit.

  8. Back in the RadMenu Smart Tag, use the Skin drop-down to change the skin for the RadMenu to "Outlook":RadMenu Choose Skin

  9. The appearance of the RadMenu in the designer changes to reflect the new skin:RadMenu in the Designer

  10. Right click on the RadMenu, and from its context menu, choose Properties.

  11. In the properties pane, set the ClickToOpen property to True. This causes the menu to display its child items when clicked:RadMenu ClickToOpen property

  12. Run the application. Click on the menu items to display the child items:RadMenu Display

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