Programmatic Creation

In some scenarios it is required to create the RadMediaPlayer control programmatically. Depending on some user interaction or selection, you can even build up the Playlist anew. The following example demonstrates a generic dynamic creation and configuration of the player and adds it to the main Controls collection. You can add it to a PlaceHolder or similar container control instead.

protected void Page_Init(object sender, EventArgs e)
private void BuildPlayer()
    RadMediaPlayer player = new RadMediaPlayer()
            ID = "RadMediaPlayer1",
            Height = Unit.Pixel(360),
            Width = Unit.Pixel(640),
            Skin = "Metro",
            AutoPlay = true,
            Title = "Video 1",
            Poster = "~/VideoPosters/poster1.jpg",
            Source = "~/Video/video1.mp4"

    player.Load += (s, a) =>
        player.TitleBar.ShareButton.Visible = false;
        player.ToolBar.HDButton.Visible = false;

Protected Sub Page_Init(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Me.Init
End Sub
Private Sub BuildPlayer()
    Dim player As New RadMediaPlayer() With {
        .ID = "RadMediaPlayer1",
        .Height = Unit.Pixel(360),
        .Width = Unit.Pixel(640),
        .Skin = "Metro",
        .AutoPlay = True,
        .Title = "Video 1",
        .Poster = "~/VideoPosters/poster1.jpg",
        .Source = "~/Video/video1.mp4"

    AddHandler player.Load, Sub()
                                player.TitleBar.ShareButton.Visible = False
                                player.ToolBar.HDButton.Visible = False
                            End Sub

End Sub

For creating the Playlist feature dynamicallyand to examine a bit more advanced scenario, you can check the Programmatic Creation Code-Library.

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