Telerik RadGrid Data Binding Basics

RadGrid is a component that displays data obtained from a database or other data source. The data is presented in tabular view.

There are three ways to bind the grid to a database:

  • Using declarative data source controls - By using declarative data source controls (introduced in ASP.NET 2.0), you can bind the grid declaratively, with no coding necessary.

  • Using the NeedDataSource event - RadGrid calls this event each time it needs a data source.

  • DataGrid-like binding - You can set the DataSource property manually in the control declaration. This property specifies the database, which is then used as a source for the grid.

When binding a grid by setting the DataSource property, you can set the DataSource property to an instance of any of the following types:

  • DataSet , DataTable , or DataView
  • Array of DataRow
  • Any object collection that implements the IListSource , IList , IEnumerable , or ICustomTypeDescriptor interface.>

Hierarchical grids

In a hierarchical grid, detail tables must be bound separately from their parent tables, using a separate data source. When binding detail tables, you must also manage the relationship of the records in the detail data source to the parent table. There are two methods for managing this relationship:

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