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Sometimes, it may be necessary to style a given row/header in Telerik RadGrid, whenever the user hovers with the mouse over it. With RadGrid this functionality is easily achievable. The control provides a CSS class like GridRowOver_. Such style is present under each embedded skin and defines the visual appearance of the hovered grid row. For example:

background-color: orange;

To enable the hover style for the grid rows, merely set the ClientSettings -> EnableRowHoverStyle property of RadGrid to true.

This depends on RadGrid client-side object. For performance reasons, the RadGrid client object is available only when certain client features/events are enabled. If no client features/events are available in the grid but you still need this functionality, you can attach an empty javascript function to a client event (for example OnRowClick).

If you want to attain the same functionality without the built-in feature of RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX or with disabled skins, the steps below show how to achieve this:

  1. Create the Telerik RadGrid instance and the data source to which it will be bound.

  2. Create a style class, in the head section of the .aspx code, which will be used to style the active row/header. This may look something like this:


  3. This particular approach relies on the OnRowMouseOver, OnRowMouseOut, OnColumnMouseOver and OnColumnMouseOut client-side functions, to use the style mentioned above. Declare these functions in the ClientSettings ->ClientEvents section of the grid declaration like this:


    OnColumnMouseOut="ColumnMouseOut" />

  4. Before the grid tag on the page or in the head section, include the client-side JavaScript functions mentioned above:


After these steps have been performed, when the user hovers with the mouse over the control, the styles mentioned above will be applied, as shown in the following screenshot:

Set Row Style On Hover

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