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Keyboard Support

Form elements styled by RadFormDecorator provide the same set of keyboard navigation shortcuts that you usually get from the standard, unmodified elements by the browser.

Most of the skinned HTML elements like check boxes and buttons have a limited, well known selection of keyboard shortcuts. The select element, however, offers a longer list in order to allow you to show/hide the drop-down and select elements from its list easily via the keyboard and to navigate through the list items.

Below you can find the options for keyboard navigation that are supported by the decorated select element:

Opening and closing the drop-down list

Operation Keyboard Shortcut
Open/close the drop-down list. Alt + Up/Down arrow radformdecorator-alt+radformdecorator-up-down
Close the drop-down list. Enter or Escape radformdecorator-enter or radformdecorator-esc
Operation Keyboard Shortcut
Select the previous/next element from the list. Up/Down arrow radformdecorator-up-down
Select the first item that starts with the typed letter sequence. Keyboard letters radformdecorator-letter

Using multiple selection list

Operation Keyboard Shortcut
Put the previous/next element in active state. Ctrl + Up/Down arrow radformdecorator-ctrl+radformdecorator-up-down
Toggle the active element between selected and unselected state. Space or Ctrl + Space radformdecorator-spaceor radformdecorator-ctrl+radformdecorator-space
Toggle the selected state of the elements in the selected direction. Shift + Up/Down arrow radformdecorator-shift+radformdecorator-up-down
Put the active item in selected state. Enter radformdecorator-enter

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