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RadFloatingActionButton exposes speed-dial items that will be rendered in a popup container anchored to the FloatingActionButton itself.

When Items are defined, clicking on the FloatingActionButton will open the popup containing the speed-dial list.

Items sample

The speed-dial items can be declared in the dedicated Items inner tag:

<telerik:RadFloatingActionButton runat="server" ID="FabSpeedDial" Icon="cog" PositionMode="Absolute">
        <telerik:FloatingActionButtonItem Label="Save" Icon="save" />
        <telerik:FloatingActionButtonItem Label="Share" Icon="share"/>

Each Item exposes the following properties:

  • Label - sets the text of the item
  • Icon - sets the name of a built-in icon
  • Enabled - defines wether the item to be enabled or disabled
  • Title - sets tooltip for the item

Clicking on each of the speed-dial items can be easily handled on the client-side by specifying ClientClicked event listener via the OnClientClicked property.


The RadFloatingActionButton provides full control over the rendering of the speed dial action items by using Kendo UI templates.

Sample of client templates

The ClientTemplate inner tag exposed in each Item allows managing the way the speed dial action items of a FloatingActionButton are rendered:

 <telerik:RadFloatingActionButton runat="server" Icon="share" PositionMode="Absolute" Align="BottomEnd" Size="Medium" ThemeColor="primary">
    <AlignOffsetSettings X="50" Y="50" />
    <ClientEvents OnExpand="OnExpand" OnCollapse="OnCollapse" />
        <telerik:FloatingActionButtonItem OnClientClicked="onItemClicked" Label="Darrel Sollis">
            <ClientTemplate>javascript:getTemplate({text: 'Share with Darrel Sollis',image: 'AROUT.jpg'})</ClientTemplate>
        <telerik:FloatingActionButtonItem OnClientClicked="onItemClicked" Label="Mia Caldwell">
            <ClientTemplate>javascript:getTemplate({text: 'Share with Mia Caldwell',image: 'BSBEV.jpg'})</ClientTemplate>
        <telerik:FloatingActionButtonItem OnClientClicked="onItemClicked" Label="Mallory Gillian">
            <ClientTemplate>javascript:getTemplate({text: 'Share with Mallory Gillian',image: 'FISSA.jpg'})</ClientTemplate>

<script id="fabItemTemplate" type="text/x-kendo-template">
    <span class="k-fab-item-text">#:text#</span>
    <span class="k-avatar k-avatar-solid-primary k-avatar-solid k-rounded-full k-avatar-md">
        <span class="avatar-image">
            <img src="" />

Test the complete example in our live demo on customizing the FloatingActionButton Templates.

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